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John Colao lives and works in Los Angeles arriving from New York in the mid-eighties. Beginning a career shooting advertising and editorial assignments his work expanded to include fine art photography, painting, and documentary film. Primary to Colao’s photographic work is subject-driven images, whether portraits which are spontaneous and originating in the subject, or landscapes that reflect the ephemeral synchronicity between light, shape and color specific to a particular space…a searching for the abstract,that sometimes appear in our worlds.

Untitled: (Salton Sea: As Above So Below 1999) is such an image which manifests the illusion, as above, so below.

The work received an International Photo Award (IPA) for fine art in 2005. Colao's portraits of William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg were included in the Willliam Burroughs Retrospective exhibited at Track 16 and Robert Berman galleries at Bergamot Station Art Center in July 1996.

His documentary film projects include "Memphis Is In Egypt" a portrait of Charles Lloyd, the great tenor saxophonist and his quartet. The film premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 1996.

His most recent work exhibited for the first time at Photo Independent is a portfolio of nudes, a portrait.The female body is often captured as an anonymous object confined within a distant view of beauty,far away, unattached.

With an objectifying mind, we lose connection with the subject and her interior landscape. The photographer does not direct, rather follows as she engages in spontaneous movement, feeling her own internal shapes and curves, creating gestures beyond the measuring mind of a perfected pose.

These images offer a portrait of a woman in her body. A dialogue between photographer and subject.And like any deeply creative collaboration, these images have their own timing. The work lay dormant for a time, like seeds gestating in a darkness.

Within this awakening the Eternal Dance: Birth, Death, Rebirth. Naked. Unadorned. The female body, mind and soul, carrying all the seeds, the cycles of life.

Colao is represented by ROBERT BERMAN GALLERY Bergamot Station Art Center in Santa Monica, CA

John Colao © 2014